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We at Professional Education Resources, LLC understand that you have many choices for Minnesota Contractors Continuing Education to spend your hard-earned money on, and there are even some free course offerings! So why should you consider choosing ProEd for your MN Contractor CE?

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If you're looking for construction certification courses, you've come to the right place.  Check out our list of upcoming classes that cover certification requirements for everything from painting to renovation and repair.

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We are now offering additional services for our clients through a new premium subscription level service called ProEd Premium.  Active subscribers will have access to construction contracts, training materials and more.

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What is ProEd Premium?

In this video, Barry Stranz and Greg Olson discuss what is Pro Ed Premium and why they felt developing this platform was needed.

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  • "ProEd is our security blanket.  Greg and Jeannie's knowledge and support have endless value to the success of our companies.  All the daunting rules, procedures, liabilities and education credit requirements are 2nd nature to them. Allowing me to focus on the meat of our company.  When you find people in this world that care about your success - don't let them go!  ProEd offers turn key services for any business owner.  Those looking for guidance for business start up, even non-profits like booster clubs.  Companies just looking for continuing education courses that don't put you to sleep. And those companies looking for structured support through their new ProEd Premium!  The rates are unbelievably affordable!  And if you still find yourself in a jam, ProEd is my 1st call, always will be.  Sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know.  And we know ProEd...."

    - Liz & Stephen Lelm, Colorful Beginnings, Inc - Lelm Custom Homes, LLC

  • "Wealth of information, good relatable stories." 

    -Andy W., South St Paul

  • "I really like Greg and ProEd! Good info for sure.....Better than any other continuing education class I've had before."  

    -Jamie F., Rochester

  • "Thanks to you (Jeannie) and Greg at ProEd for the great class.  You put together a nice package with lunch (veggie!) and the judicious use of time, starting early and getting us out while there's still day left.  This was my first class w/ all Greg, although he's put in an appearance during some of Barry's classes.  He does a great job and obviously knows his stuff. Keep up the good work and see you all next time around." 

    -Jeffrey Swainhart, Minneapolis

  • "Got your email. I signed up for the ProEd Premium account.  The contracts in there look great! That one for building on homeowners land should work. Thank you for all your and Greg's time putting this program together." 

    -Paul Kilian

  • "Today’s ProEd class was fantastic. Having Barry and Greg as a 1-2 punch really makes a difference!!! I’m glad that I was a part of this class in New Brighton." 


Jeannie Olson - ProEd Continuing Education Customer Support


Call Jeannie to get your questions answered.

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Call Jeannie to get your questions answered.

Your Solution For Quality Continuing Education

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